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The 9 Power Principles

One thing that separates the achievers from the non-achievers is the opinion they have of themselves. So, if you have the urge to build the success that you desire, you will need to evaluate yourself and apply the power principles. This will pave the way to building belief in yourself and better your chances of achieving the success that you desire.

Here are the 9 power principles that will lead to success, good health and joyful relationships.

Belief: Whose I Am What I Think I Am

Most of what we get in life is the consequence of our beliefs. You’re virtually — what you think you are. But do you believe correctly? Look around you. Often, much of what we see was created by your beliefs. If what you see, is not what you like, be willing to let go of the mental patterns of beliefs and the behaviors that have resulted in your living a life that is less than what you have always desired. You must look in the mirror when you ask who is responsible for your triumph or let down. Before we can begin to create a vision for what it is we want to do in life, we first must have the belief that we have the capability to achieve whatever it is we desire. Without this belief, we would never even attempt to do anything about our dreams. From the song of Otis Redding, “We’ll be sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tides roll away, wasting time.” Before accepting something as a belief, it is always wise to ask; Why? And how the this belief serves me?

Self-Respect: To Thy Own Self Be True 

At times, we can be our own worst enemy. We’re not cognizant of the power, the intelligence and the “awareness” that is within us. Our biggest challenges — whether they’re financial, relationship or health challenges — may be addressed in a more beneficial way. Learn to free yourself of the detrimental self-worth. This is the prime reason why most individuals are kept from achieving their aspirations and dreams. As long as you are persistent in your pursuit of your vision, you will continue to grow. You cannot choose the day or time when the vision will come to pass, have faith and believe it will happen on its own time.

Inspiration: Be Empowered

Daily inspiration is food for the soul. When we make it a habit to read books that inspire us or recite positive affirmations we certainly feel regenerated, restored and re-energized and our spirits get recharged as inspiration becomes a part of our everyday life. Inspiration is the one accelerator that will guide us through the forest of disputes into the sunlight of success.

The Present: Right NOW Is The Only Thing That Matters 

The most potent time frame is today. Your purpose is in the present, not in regretting the past or being anxious about the future. Your strongest power is in the present day. Regardless how dark your past or how unsure your future may appear, determine how to utilize the correct power of the present to redefine the past and to make the future better.

Choices: Decide or Be Conformed

You always have choices. It’s been said that one of our most important jobs as a leader is to make wise choices. This isn’t possible unless you begin trusting in yourself and see yourself as an winner that is capable of attaining great heights that you are destined to reach. The decisions we make dictates the results and reality we see and the challenges we’ll bump into.

Change: Ride The Wave of Change

Somebody once stated, “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.” The only lasting affair in life is change, as without change there’s no growth. If you are not riding the waves of change, you’ll find yourself beneath it. Discover how to grow, develop and create your own winning future.

Giving and Receiving: Spread The Wealth

How do you add value to the lives of others? What contribution have you made to society? Are you suitable to receive? There’s a well know passage that states “As you give, so shall you receive.”

Action: Timing is Everything

There are occasions when the finest action is no action at all. At other times, despite what you do, the outcome will be equivalent. Leaders understand “When to hold, when to fold, when to walk off and when it’s time to get out.” Timing is everything. You can lead with the right activity at the wrong time. And you can lead with the wrong activity at the right time. It’s about being patient and smart.

Associations: Your Circle of Trust

You, literally, are who you consort with. Create relationships with people who will hold you accountable and encourage you on the path to your goals. Find ways to spend more time with people who love to help and build others to their full potential. Only share your vision with people who will support you, not those who will respond with cynicism or indifference.

Hasheem Francis & Deborah Francis are the Co-founders of Built To Prosper Companies This powerful couple has authored over 14 best selling books such as Built To Prosper, The Joy of Healthy Living, Cashology, and Undeniable Confidence. They have also built numerous successful businesses.




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