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How To Effectively Market Your Business To Get Results

When your business is up and running, you need to reach out to the masses so that the public is aware of its existence and the kind of services you are providing. Hence, one of the major steps in setting up a business is having a marketing plan. Marketing your business is not necessarily expensive but it does require an investment. Read on to discover several effective yet low cost methods to promote your business to all your potential clients!

1. Website / Blog

Create a professional website or a blog containing all information on your services or products. Your website should be professional and well designed. If you have little knowledge about website designs you can consider using WordPress, GoDaddy, or 1and 1 which offer templates and some simple customizable features for a website. Having a website gives you access to a bigger client base as you can direct practically anyone across the world to your website for valuable information about your business product or services.

2. Social networking

Capitalize on social network e.g. Facebook, Linked In , Twitter, Google+, Instagram. Use them to get in touch with your clients and potential clients as well as to understand their needs. Imagine asking a question regarding your product on your business’ Facebook page and almost instantly you get responses from your clients. Where else can you get such quick and direct feedback?

3. Article marketing

You can do this by publishing articles about your business in online article directories such as Ezine Articles which have high traffic for people looking for certain information on niche areas. Alternatively you can also write your own eBook on any interesting subject, publish and distribute it. Give it to your existing clients or make it available for download on your website. In your eBook, include some details of your business and a link to your website. Those who think your eBook is good will share it further with their friends and family – it is free viral marketing strategy!

4. Business cards

Develop a professional a business card which provides the details of your business as well as your contact information.  Having a professional and quality business card shows potential clients that you are serious about your business. It is very important that you have a professional business card on quality stock paper.  It doesn’t hurt to make an investment in your business and its image.

5. Ask for referrals and leads

You can start off by asking family members and friends for referrals.  Some may be a little hesitant in giving you referrals at first, if you are new to business. Over time you can gain their trust by showing them that you are committed and serious about your business.  You can also mail out flyers and your business card to schools, universities or other businesses that might require your services or products. Bring your business to them instead of waiting for them to come to you!



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